Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Game App Development in Unity


About is a tech tutorial blog focused on Virtual Reality and game app development using Unity.

Who Am I?

I’m Mitch Allen, an app developer, software engineer, tech writer and maker. I've worked in the software industry for decades. I've published apps to the iOS, Google and Amazon app stores. Most recently I've published Google Cardboard (VR) apps.

I'm currently focused on developing apps for the Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset. But I like to take a break from that now and then, and work on casual 2D games.

I'm also interested in using machine learning (ML) to create non-player characters (NPC's) that can prove to be a worthy opponent. As I learn new things I will document them here in the form of walk-through tutorials.

Besides this blog, look for posts on Twitter and Instagram and follow for updates. Be sure to DM me and let me know how you like the site and what sort of tutorials you would like to see.

Mitch Allen

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